Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat from the Pantry Challenge: Update 6

With one week left, I thought I better take a look back at my goals from the start of the month and see how I am doing. When I went over my grocery budget, I sort of lost steam but I am ready to recommit to the goals and finish strong!

My goals:
1. Use as much of my stockpiles as possible - especially from the freezer
I am so excited about the items I have used up but I have lots more to go! I need to buckle down and plan meals for this last week that use only foods I already have.
2. Keep grocery budget under $200. This includes approx $80 for produce from our CSA.
I went a bit over this as I already said but I am happy to still be below my normal budget.
3. Only go grocery shopping 3-4 times this month.
I have been to the store 4 times already and I expect one more - hopefully only milk and some produce.
4. Bring nothing into the house (besides food) without getting rid of something(s) taking up TWICE as much space.
I forgot to track this but I don't think I have bought much more this month.
5. Keep count of how many boxes of stuff I donate and GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!
I donated three MORE BIG bags today! That makes my total 6 large bags/boxes. I know I can get rid of more if I make the time to sort through more areas.

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