Thursday, August 28, 2008

Alphabet Activity

I saw this fun idea on Jenni's blog and thought the boys would enjoy it. Both kids did it, with my older ones glueing the letters in order and my younger one putting them in his own order.

They love cutting and glueing and it gave me an opportunity to teach them some new things about the alphabet. And they are so proud to see their creations hanging on the wall.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cylinders! - Finally Another Unplugged Project

I am not sure where on earth we have been or what we have been doing all summer but we have missed a whole bunch of really fun looking Unplugged Projects. Here we are this week finally getting back in the groove. We barely squeezed this one in between school shopping and tooth wiggling but here it is. This week's theme is CYLINDERS.

We made a marble coaster out of a collection of paper tubes - toilet paper, paper towel and wrapping paper. Here is the original coaster that I helped with. My boys are now modifying it and doing some "experimenting" and having a good time still. I think this may last a while if they don't lose the only marble we have!