Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fire Truck Factory by Catherine Anderson

Title: Fire Truck Factory
Author: Catherine Anderson
Ages: 3 years – 6 years

My 3-year has really gotten into wanting to know how things are made. He looks around the room and asks “How make shower curtain?” “How make counters?” How make mirror?” “How make towels?” – until I about lose my mind. Imagine my excitement to discover this book that explains how fire trucks (another of his favorite things) are made. It integrates lots of photographs with labeled parts and walks you through the whole process. There are lots of books about Fire Trucks but this one earns an award from me for having a new twist on that same old topic.

I think any kid who loves fire trucks would enjoy this one to add some variety to their reading.

*this post originally written 4/28/2006

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

Title: The Little House
Author: Virginia Lee Burton
Ages: 2 years and older

I love finding books that my son can enjoy just like children 60 years ago did. And just like I did when I was a little girl. The copy of this book that we are reading is actually the one that belonged to me when I was his age and is complete with my nameplate stuck in the inside front cover. How special it is to show it to my son and tell him how his mommy read this book with his Grandmommy when she was his size. But even without that nostalgia, we have really enjoyed reading this book. Note to those parents who are desperate to read about something besides trains. This book is not about trains but does have some very interesting pages that show trains. Maybe that will be enough to get your train lover hooked on this beautiful classic.

*this post originally written 4/26/2006