Sunday, December 09, 2007

Unplugged Project : Nature

This week's Unplugged Project was Nature. Although we have not had the volume of snow that Mom Unplugged is having, our weather has not really made me feel like spending much time outside.

But, today we went on quite the nature hike. We spent quite a while (at least 10 minutes) hiking through dense evergreen forest. Fortunately the terrain was quite smooth and level (remarkably like asphalt) and there were lots of signs (see photo) so we would not lose our way.

We even took a quite large (6 feet tall) piece of nature home with us and are displaying it in our living room. We have also enjoyed sitting around staring at it while drinking hot cider and reading "Twas the Night before Christmas." Since we have had crazy weather here lately we were fortunate to go on our "hike" without rain or snow.


Heather said...

That is wonderful. That looks like the hikes that we get to take. LOL

Anonymous said...

That is a great way to take a nature hike...and you get to bring a big piece of nature home with you too! Enjoy it!

Andrée said...

That's so funny! Even better when you read it (as I did) and the photo is beneath the fold, so it was "suspensful"! You had a good day.

Kate in NJ said...

Very creative nature hike!!

Maria said...

Great day. And beautiful trees.