Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Small Changes Toward the Christmas I Want

I have been working my way through Unplug the Christmas Machine. There is really so much there that I am a bit overwhelmed, especially since it is already December. I am a little late to do much this year but there are some small changes I am going to make. I am also looking forward to what I can do next year when I will have an earlier start.

This Year:
  1. Not traveling for the holidays
  2. Having tree and stockings - goes along with #1, since we are not usually home, we don't usually decorate
  3. Celebrating Advent - We are using an Advent Calendar and Advent Wreath
  4. More Christmas Music - Both more background music and more family sing-a-longs

Next year:
  1. Already drafting a letter suggesting ways to simplify our gift giving next year (and make it more meaningful) - Will need to be sent in the spring as my family likes to plan ahead
  2. Re-read Unplug the Christmas Machine
  3. Make a written Christmas plan -See chapters 8 and 9

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