Sunday, April 26, 2009

TV Turnoff Week Results

Well, my kids did great! I think they watched 3 videos this week total and stuck to the 30 minutes per day rule for the computer with minimal protesting. They are pretty good at finding something else to do. I did well at being consistent on enforcing that.

The rest of it went pretty poorly. I did well on Monday with keeping my computer usage under control and I really liked it. I only used it at the set times and it really felt good. I felt different - less spastic and rushed and I definitely got more done. I have no good explanation for why I did not continue for the rest of the week since it was really nice. Old habits die hard, I guess.

I am also embarrassed to say I did not do the one activity per day I had planned to do with my kids. My excuse is that they were finding things to do so nicely that I did not have to come up with anything but really I am sure there were times I could have done this. I was a bit thrown off by some things that happened this week and just wasn't able to get it together. We did do some extra reading this week after getting a big new pile of library books!

Now I need to think about what I want to do with my computer habits moving forward....


Kelly said...

there's nothing like a challenge to make you come face to face with yourself. I had to force myself at times to interact with the kids...embarassing to write but true none the less. BTW, I'm offering a giveaway to those who participated in the challenge if you are interested. You can check it out on my post.

Teresa said...

Old habits do die hard. Good for your for thinking about all of this though. :)