Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mouse Goes Out - Easy Reader

Title: Mouse Goes Out
Author:Phyllis Root

My little one is almost 4 and he absolutely loves this book. It is in the "Brand New Readers" series and contains 4 short, simple stories about a mouse. My son calls it "My I can read book" and is always looking for it to read it over and over again.

After reading it to him a couple of times, he was able to "read" it to himself or to his family members with great pride and joy. I believe it has really helped him with his letter and word recognition, and with his love of books and reading. The story is even simpler than a lot of easy readers so he could grasp it at his young age, but the story is actually quite cute and funny.

I am also looking into some of the other books in the series as a result of the fun we have had with this one.

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