Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Title: Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
Age: Birth – 3 years

As I pick books to write about – I realize I am a freak for lift-the-flap books. They are just so much fun. Kids of all ages can lift the flaps and be surprised and I think it is so neat for the book to have a level of interaction built it. Plus we get to guess what animal is peeking out. It is really engaging! I especially like all the different type of flaps this book has – keeps you on your toes. Ours has been read 100s of times but my flaps are holding up quite nicely. I wish I could remember who gave us this book as a gift – I’d love to tell them how much we read and enjoy it.

*this blog post originally written 4/25/2006

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