Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where is Baby's Mommy? Flap Book

Title:Where is Baby's Mommy?
Author:Karen Katz
Age: Birth - 2 years

This is the coolest flap book. My oldest son received it as a first birthday gift from a friend and we read it over and over again. Now my younger son, who is 9 months, loves it too. It has these wonderful, BIG flaps, that are so easy that my little one lifts them himself. He gets the biggest kick out of opening the last one and seeing the mommy and the baby snuggling under the blanket. It helps that I say "Peekaboo" over and over again as he opens and shuts, opens and shuts.

She has a couple of other fun books and they even sell a really cute box set that makes a GREAT baby gift for less than $10.

**Originally written 4/18/2006

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