Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things That Go

Title:Big Book of Things That Go
Author:DK Publishing
Ages: 2 years - 5 years

This is a big book and perfect for that toddler or preschooler who loves all manner of THINGS THAT GO. Each page covers some category like : In the City, At Sea, or On the Construction Site. Then there are a bunch of photographs of machines with a little text explaining what it is.

Here’s how we use it with my 3 year old. First we go the table of contents. Then he tells me which section he wants (He can’t read – he just tells me from memory or I start reading them out to him) Then I show him how I find out what page it is on by using the Table of Contents and how to find that page in the book. What a fun way to learn about books and numbers! Then when we get to the page, he points to which truck he is interested in and I read the text and we talk about that machine till he is ready to move to another.

I also catch him flipping through it sometime looking at the incredibly large amount of really interesting pictures when he is playing alone in his room.

**Originally written April 16, 2006

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