Saturday, January 31, 2009

Resources for Portland Activities with Kids

Here are a few internet resources to take a look at to get ideas of things to do with the kids in Portland. - This is a local parent magazine. You can view the current issue online which includes a calendar of events for the month. Right now the Jan issue is up but I am going to check back closer to our trip and see what is going on the week we will be there. I already learned a few neat things, like OMSI has a cheap admission fee the first Sunday of the month.

They also have the results up from their reader survey of family favorites for all sorts of categories here.

There is another local magazine - Portland Family - that also allows you to view the issue online and check out their event calendar.

This blog - - looks cool too. It goes into lots of details about each attraction it mentions. I love that so I can feel really prepared. It reviews favorably several attractions like the Forestry Center that I was curious about but had never talked to anyone who had been before. Looks like a great resource!

I think at this point I have way too many ideas of what to do on our trip. It is amazing how much information is out there!

*Note: I have written a bunch of posts about Portland so if you want to read more, click on the Portland Label at the end of the post, and you will see all the Portland entries.

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