Saturday, January 17, 2009

Traveling to Portland , Oregon with Kids

We are super excited to be heading back to Portland for a family vacation this Spring. We live in the Seattle area so it is not too far away but is a really fun city to visit.

I am right in the midst of the early stages of planning. I went to the library website and requested some very recent travel books for the Portland area. I am excited to see what kind of fun activities I will run across in those. I also did some looking around on the internet.

These links were especially helpful:
(There are also lots of other blog entries here on visiting Portland with kids, not just this really useful looking City Guide)

I plan on adding more posts on this as we make decisions about how we are getting there and where we will stay and what activities we will try to fit in.

*Note: I have written a bunch of posts about Portland so if you want to read more, click on the Portland Label at the end of the post, and you will see all the Portland entries.

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