Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unplugged Project : More Collage

We had such a great time last time we made collages. In fact they are displayed in the kids rooms and they still enjoy looking at them. So when collages came around again on the Unplugged Project we were happy to make more. We were even all the ball this week - we did these on Tuesday. After my 5 year-old repeatedly asked me if it was time to do the "weekly project" yet I figured we would go ahead and break out the catalogs.

Mostly we used two catalogs - Pottery Barn Kids and Ballard Designs - with a little from a 3.5 year old Sunset magazine thrown in there.
My 2 year old just did whatever he wanted, although I ended up doing a fair bit of the cutting under his direction. I gave my 5-year old some ideas and tried to do something a little more directed with him. So he started looking for the letters of the alphabet. But after a while, he said "I think I'll only do through i" and then he moved on to add some things he thought were more fun. I think he thought his brother was having more fun than him - since he wasn't working near as hard.

These collages are also hanging in their rooms and my two-year old loves to look at and touch his creation.


Jenny said...

What a good idea to use Pottery Barn Kids- I love to look at it but rarely buy anything! I wonder why it is that your little one likes to cut into tiny pieces too? Maybe just because they can!

Anonymous said...

It looks like they had fun! I like the alphabet through "i" and then fun stuff.

You got farther with your two year-old than I did with mine! I gave my daughter (2 and one month) a catalog to tear up, a glue stick, and a piece of construction paper. She got as far as gluing one thing and then got bored and said she wanted to "paint" (we were gluing our decoupage with paint brushes).

I hope you can find something fun and easy for "fabric." I am worried that it might be intimidating for people, but it's too late to change ideas now!

Andrée said...

That is great that she asked if it were time to do it! I actually like to make collages. It's easy enough for even me to be creative.