Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Turnoff Week Summary

Daily Record
Monday - Super!
No TV. No Blogs. No spastic email checking. I spent moderate amount of time on computer.

Tuesday - Ok.
No TV. No Blogs. A bit of spastic email checking. Need to rein this in before it gets out of control. Going to set times to check tomorrow.

Wednesday - Super!
No TV. No Blogs. Only checked email at set times.

Thursday - Ok.
Notice the email checking habit seems to creep back in if I don't explicitly set email times.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Good.
No TV. No Blogs. Maybe a bit too much email.

Weekly Summary
Some areas went really well. My kids did not ask for a single video all week so we watched even less than I would have allowed. Since I had put my laptop away (and that is where my son typically types) he also ended up not using the computer any this week as well.

I had a bit more trouble as I was trying to follow a bit of a fuzzy rule on computer use so it was easy to fall back into wasting time and checking email too frequently. I definitely did a lot better than is typical since I was so conscious of it. This is something I want to continue working on. But it felt nice to take a break cold-turkey from reading blogs and sped my time doing a variety of other things.

1 comment:

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I'm glad your tv free week went well! The blog thing is so hard, though! I too have fuzzy rules about it. I need to make clear cut rules so I'm not doing the spastic email checking, too!
Good luck!