Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unplugged Project : Sculpture

This week's Unplugged Project is Sculpture. I'd just like to thank MomUnplugged for running the weekly projects. It really helps motivate me to try some different activities each week.

This week we pulled out the play-doh for the first time in about 2 years. Fortunately, although it was a bit dry, it was still usable and my kids played with it for a full hour. As it was the hour I was making dinner, it is likely they would have watched a video instead. So it saved my kids from at least one video and instead got them working and creating and thinking.
My youngest mainly cut and smashed and cut some more. My oldest did lots and lots and lots of different sculptures, mainly various numbers (like the 6 in the picture) and animals. They both had a really good time, especially considering I have very few play-doh tools. And now that I realize my play-doh is dried up, I am considering making my own. I have seen tons of recipes but I am not sure if I am up for it or not!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,

Nice playdough creations! I am glad your little ones had fun. How interesting that your oldest wanted to make numbers!

Thanks for your thank you. Actually the Unplugged Project motivates me to try new things too! I am not always very good at sitting down and offering a craft project, but this way I do it (usually) at least once a week.

By the way, I just added an addendum to my post. If your children seem to be too young to do much safely with toothpicks, feel free to adapt the idea (popsicle sticks? Twigs? Legos?). There are so many different ages that it isn't possible to do a "one size fits all" project. That's why I have decided it is best to leave it somewhat general so people can adapt it to their child's age and interests.

The point is to have fun and, as you point out, to offer a choice other than TV or video.

Kate in NJ said...

Great "6"!
My P likes to make 5s right now
as that is how old she is. lol

Claire said...

Making your own play doh is great. It's so cheap and easy I rarely ever buy any now. Both my little ones love playing with it.

I use a cup of flour, half a cup of salt, a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of oil and some food colouring. Stir in the pan till it turns to the right consistency. Takes less than five minutes from start to finish and lasts for about a month if stored in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Our favourite is black playdoh with lots of glitter in!

Andrée said...

That is so interesting that your child and the child in the comments are fascinated with the numbers that are their age. What great opportunities to expand and nurture that fascination! When my kids were little I never made my own play dough because I love the smell of real Play Dough. The art teacher at school, though, says they now put a skunky smell in the play dough so kids don't eat it or something. How weird! I didn't do sculpture at all because of my lack of talent; but I did do the one I missed: puzzles. And I'm glad I did!

Jenny said...

Isn't play dough fun? I don't buy it any more- it's too fun to make my own. I'm not crafty in the least, so if you can make supper, I guarantee you can make play dough. I like to make a different batch for each season- we have light blue with glitter in it right now, and I even added some mint extract. And I've found the fewer tools, the better- it forces them to be more creative!