Sunday, January 27, 2008

Unplugged Project : Egg Cartons

This week's project is : Egg Cartons

My boys had a really fun time making alligators. One reason they liked it was we pulled out the paint (which is a rare treat indeed.) Another thing that made it fun was the alligators were thought-up and designed by my 5-year old. Being short on creativity myself, I was trying to convince him to make the standard (but cute!) caterpillar. He did not like that idea so I told him to come up with one himself - and he sure did.

"Googley eyes" always made things more fun too!


Heather said...

Those are really cute. Great job!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

We did the standard caterpillar. I agree with you though... it didn't matter what we were making... the paint was the highlight! :)

Great alligators! Kids are so creative!

Anonymous said...

One thing I discovered with this project is that I am very short on craft supplies. No googly eyes for example! I'll have to go shopping.

I love the alligators. They are very creative indeed!

I'm glad your boys had fun.

Claire said...

Great idea. If only I ever had some egg cartons around here I would suggest Hermione made some for the bug party she is hoping to have next month to celebrate her birthday.

I try to hold back on the paint too. Soooo much mess!

reprehriestless warillever said...

The alligators are cute!
I didn't break out the paint, but I did give the kids free reign over the other supplies, which they loved.

Andrée said...

Very cool! I like those colorful friendly alligators! They had a great idea.

Hansen Family said...

GREAT creativity!! Wish we had egg cartons, just for crafting!