Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Unplugged Project Attempts

We worked on the Unplugged Project and these are the results of our efforts. I only had blue and yellow paint, and we only had about 30 minutes, but I was determined to get in on the inaugural project. I thought it was a great idea of something to do and really wanted to participate.

The picture don't really capture the whole "picture" though. The kids enjoyed collecting items on their walk outside, and learned several new and interesting things about the items they collected. And they really liked experimenting with painting/stamping with the different items.
They used pinecones, helicopters, rocks, berries, sticks, bark and pine needles.

Definitely a success although I want to allow much more time for future projects.
Thanks Mom Unplugged!


Anonymous said...

I like the blue and yellow theme! Very nice work. Something on that top picture made an impression that looks like cat footprints. Berries maybe?

I am so glad that you and your children had fun with this. I hope to see you next week too!

Jenny said...

I'm wondering what made the "cat footprints" too! It looks like your kids had lots of fun- I just love stuff like this. We're planning on doing the pumpkin this weekend- hope we see you next week!

Tamara said...

Ok ladies. I have examined the artwork and the assortment of painting tools (Yes.. it is all still spread on on my dining room table) and I believe the cat footprints marks were actually made with a pinecone. A small one used as a stamp.

Kate in NJ said...

Very cool!
It amazes me what they use and how they used it all.