Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Leaves Project

Inspired by our successful unplugged project we decided to do another fall project. This one wasn't quite as hands-on for the kids because of the ironing aspect. The boys collected the most colorful leaves they could find in the yard. When the little one was napping, the big one and I arranged the leaves on wax paper and then I ironed another sheet onto the top, making our patterns permanent. Now they are hanging in our kitchen for us to enjoy. They look great on the window with the light shining through.

I got this idea from someone's blog but I am not sure who!

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Anonymous said...

I remember doing that one myself as a child! It is nice to know that the old idea hasn't disappeared.

I have seen a more modern version where you put the leaves between sheets of clear contact paper, or you can laminate. But that doesn't have the charm of the old iron and wax paper magic in my mind.