Saturday, July 24, 2010

Redmond, WA Park Reviews : Juel Community Park

We headed out to check out the park on one of our recent hot days!

Not much there... There is a Frisbee golf course and there were several groups playing games there even though it was a weekday afternoon. I considered playing a round with my little guys but there was so much high grass around that I wasn't sure we would have much luck. At first I thought the course was not very well maintained but there was a mowed area from each tee to the "hole." So now I am thinking the grass is a "hazard," which might be great for adults but looked like it would be super tricky for little guys or beginners.

The highlight for us was the community garden. We took a walk around it (looking only, no touching) and enjoyed identifying all the neat vegetables people were growing there at various levels of success.

By the way, there is a porta-potty right by the parking lot. Here's the link to the park website.

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