Saturday, April 17, 2010

Redmond, WA Park Reviews : Willows Creek Neighborhood Park

We tried out a new park today - Willows Creek Neighborhood Park!! This park is a hidden treasure. We live very nearby but never realized the park was there. It is a small park with one basketball goal, two picnic tables and a play structure. There is also a good amount of grass to run around in.

The play structure was really fun with lots and lots of neat ways to climb on and off. It looked small at first but they really fit a lot of activities into it. My four-year old reports that the BIG BLUE SLIDE was his favorite feature of the play structure.

There are two benches by the play structure for parents to rest on but be sure to choose the one not beside the trash can. It really smelled when we were there. In our short visit, we saw two different people walking their dogs and dropping their little baggies in the trash can so I think I know why.

There is a small parking area, with one handicapped space and two other parking spots. It is a small neighborhood park so no bathrooms are available to plan accordingly. I also like to note whether or not a park is shady or sunny but on such an overcast day as today, I was not able to collect that data. I am thinking it might be shady in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, but I'll have to go back and check it out.

Here's the link on the City of Redmond website to this park.

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