Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Learn how to make bread

Title:Bread Bakery

One thing I love about reading is extending what we learn when we read into our daily activities. It brings the book alive and I think is going to really help turn my boys into kids (and adults) who love to read.

After reading this book to my 3-year old, my husband decided that we needed to make bread. I'd better go ahead and confess that we used a trusty bread machine instead of doing the whole thing by hand but it was still lots of fun and very educational. My son was able to help collect the ingredients and measure, and with the help of the instruction manual for the machine, watch each of the steps the machine performed, through the little viewing window on the top of the machine. When my kids get a little older, I'd love to try making it by hand with them.

My son loved it and we all enjoyed the bread so much that we have already made a second loaf. Guess who ran to the bookshelf to find the Bread Bakerybook to read while the bread baked?

*this post originally written 5/8/2006

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