Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekly Unplugged Project : Music

For this week's Unplugged project we made shakers out of toilet paper rolls. Unfortunately, my camera is not working and I could not find a picture of this activity online, although I found several descriptions like this one.

Basically you take an empty roll and staple one end shut. Then add some beans or other small item, and staple the other end (flattening it the other way.) My son did not feel like decorating so we left it bare. Then we enjoyed singing and practicing shaking and stopping, and shaking and stopping. It is amazing how it only takes a simple game and kids can have a ball.

As soon as I post this, we are off to try another music idea that I saw on Becky's blog today.


Anonymous said...

Shakers are a fun project. You are right about simple games often being the most appealing! Becky's idea looked really fun. We are going to try that too!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

My 5 year old doesn't like to decorate much either... he probably would have left his bare as well!

I think we might do shakers later on sometime, though, because they are so much fun! Great idea!

Piseco said...

My 5 yo has gotten to the point where he loves to decorate things with his markers (like his face!) so I bet he'd like to color on a shaker too. And he loves wielding The Power of The Stapler! so he would think this was a great project. Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

great project.

Michie said...

Staples!! Maybe that's what my "rainstick" shaker needed to keep it shut! :)